Located at 1292 meters above sea level and north-west of Tehran, it was most probably founded by the Sassanid king Shapur I towards the year 250.

100 kilometres north-east of the city, you find the Alamut Fortress, dug in the rock, at the top of a mountain at the bottom of the Alborz chain. This fortress would have been a place shaking many leaders and personalities of the time by the degree of manipulation used by Hassan Sabbah, first master and new occupant of the places, to fanatize his assassins.

In Ghazvin, the temperature is pleasant in summer, but it is cold in winter.

During the visit, it is necessary to go through the Palace of Chehel Sotoun and the Museum of Calligraphy, to understand why this city is considered the capital of calligraphy. The Madrasa Heydariyeh and of course the Fortress of the Assassins constitute other unavoidable places of Ghazvin.