Culture and Tradition

Iranian society is a modern society but attached to its traditions. At the arrival of the new year, at the arrival of each season, on the occasion of the harvest and for various commemorations, there are special festivals and ceremonies. The Iranians are open to encounters and curious about differences and courtesy (ta'rof) has a remarkable place in their daily lives.

The followers of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other religions coexist peacefully in Iran. Many Jews now live in Shiraz, Isfahan, Hamedan, Kerman and Tehran; While important Christian communities live in Isfahan, Tabriz, Orumiyeh and Tehran. The Zoroastrians lived instead in Yazd and Kerman. Shi'ite Islam is the official religion of Iran, to which 90% of the population belongs.


Persian carpets are renowned internationally, but there are many other souvenirs from a trip to Iran: glassware, ceramics, mosaics, pottery, marquetry, Precious fabrics, miniatures, sculptures and high-quality jewellery to decorate and furnish your interior.


Traditional Iranian cuisine offers a wide variety of herb, pomegranate, dried lime, cinnamon, turmeric, savory, fresh mint, tarragon, nutmeg, Cardamom, saffron. If the Iranian cuisine is excellent, it is also naturally healthy, with many fresh produce and a reduced amount of red meat and fat. The Iranian diet consists mainly of rice, bread, vegetables, fresh fruit and aromatic plants. Chicken, lamb or sheep, as well as veal, beef and fish are commonly found, but never, of course, pork. In rural areas, goatmeat, camel and buffalo are also eaten. Nuts and fruits, fresh or dried, are frequently added to the dishes in order to create this typical sweet, salty mixture.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden.

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