Useful information


Euros and Dollars change easily in hotels in Iran. You can also pay your purchases in euros or dollars in bazaars, but credit cards are not accepted.

You can change currency upon arrival at the airport or at your hotel.

1 EURO = 42000 rials

1 USD = 39,800 rials (Jan 2017).                      

Time difference

 Iran is two and a half hours ahead of France in summer and winter.


No vaccination required.


In general, French phones work well in Iran. You also have the option to call via internet (3 to 5 € for 30-40 minutes) or to buy phone cards (cheap).

Country code: 00 98.

International code to leave the country: 00 followed by the number of the correspondent.


Internet service available in larger hotels.          


Iran offers a variety of hotels from 3 to 4 stars whose comfort and quality of service are close to European standards.    


The bus, although new and comfortable, will be slow because the speed is extremely limited and controlled for coaches.

The road network is excellent, but the distances between cities are considerable.

Photo & Camera

It is forbidden to photograph the "sensitive" places: barracks and military camps, airports, bridges, etc. For historical monuments, follow the directions of your Iranian guide.

Video cameras are allowed. The Iranians are very open in the picture: however, ask them first permission.