Suse or Shoush is one of the oldest known agglomerations to deserve the title of city. It was occupied as early as the 4th millennium BC and was the capital of the Elamite Empire, and its favourable geographical position placed it halfway between Babylon and Pasargadae, at the crossroads of the main roads. Numerous archaeological excavations have revealed its grandiose history. The architectural monuments revealed by excavations include administrative, religious, residential and palatial structures. Susa presents several layers of superimposed urban settlements in a continuous succession extending from the 5th millennium BC to the 13th century AD. The site provides exceptional testimony to the Elamite, Persian and Parthian cultural traditions, Which have largely disappeared.
The site of Shoush is now in ruins and the most beautiful pieces exhumed in Shoush, notably the famous Frieze of the Lions in enamelled bricks, are visible in the Louvre. However, Susa has never been forgotten. The city has remained in the local memories by the presence of the tomb of the prophet Daniel, which makes it a place of pilgrimage, and in those of Europeans by the book of Esther, whose history takes place in this city. The visit of the Shoush Citadel, the Tchoghâzanbil ziggurat, the Haft Tapeh and the Mausoleum of the Prophet Daniel is essential during a visit to the region.





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