Treasures of Persia 11 Days

DepartureCode Of TourLang.Places Av.AvailablityUSA without int. FlightEU with int.flightsDetail
112/04/2017TP170402EEng8N1790$2090€SOLD OUT
228/04/2017TP170403EEng-N1790$2090€SOLD OUT
320/08/2017TP170501EEng4A1890$2090€Departure Garanteed
410/09/2017TP170901EEng8A1890$1990€Departure Garanteed
516/09/2017TP170902EEng6A1990$2090€Departure Garanteed
604/10/2017TP171001EEng4A1990$2090€Departure Garanteed
716/10/2017TP171002EEng4A1890$2090€Departure Garanteed
821/10/2017TP171003EEng8A1890$1990€Departure Garanteed


Pearls of Iran 15 Days

DepartureCode Of TourLang.Places Av.AvailablityUSA without int. FlightEU with int. flightsDetail
112/04/2017PL170402EEng_N2350$2590€SOLD OUT
228/04/2017TP170403EEng-N2350$2590€SOLD OUT
320/08/2017TP170501EEng4A2350$2590€Departure Garanteed
404/09/2017TP170901EEng8A2350$2590€Departure Garanteed
516/09/2017TP170902EEng6A2350$2690€Departure Garanteed
604/10/2017TP171001EEng4A2350$2690€Departure Garanteed
716/10/2017TP171002EEng4A2350$2690€Departure Garanteed
821/10/2017TP171003EEng8A2350$2590€Departure Garanteed

Eternal Persia 17 days

DepartureCode of TourLang.Places Av.AvailablityUSA without int. FlightEU with int. flightsDetail
307/04/2017PE170401EngN2650$3090€SOLD OUT
410/09/2017PE170901EngA2590$2890€Departure Garanteed
516/09/2017PE170902EngA2550$2890€Departure Garanteed
604/10/2017PE171001EngA2590$2890€Departure Garanteed
706/10/2017PE171002EngA2590$2890€Departure Garanteed

Grand Tour of Iran 23 days

DepartureCode of TourLang.Places Av.AvailablityPrice without int. FlightEU with int.flightsDetail
119/10/2016GT161002EEng_N3390$3640€SOLD OUT
210/04/2017GT170402EEng-N3420$3590€SOLD OUT
324/04/2017GT170403EEng-N3420$3590€SOLD OUT
416/05/2017GT170502EEng-N3520$3890€SOLD OUT
516/09/2017GT170902EEng4A3520$3890€Departure Garanteed
611/10/2017GT171002EEng4A3520$3890€Departure Garanteed


Legends of Persia 11 days

DepartureCode of TourLangPlaces Av.AvalablityPrice without int. FlightPrice EUDetail
129/09/2016LG160903Eng_N1790$1890€Departure with min. 6 pers.
313/10/2016LG161002Eng_N1790$1890€Departure with min. 6 pers.
423/04/2017LG170402EngN1890$2090€Departure with min. 6 pers
507/05/2017LG170403EngN1990$2190€Departure with min. 6 pers
629/05/2017LG170501EngA1890$2090€Departure with min. 6 pers

Hidden Treasures of Iran 8 days

DepartureCode of TourLangPlaces Av.AvailablityPrice without int. FlightPrice EUDetail
111/10/2016TC161001Eng_N1490$1620€Departure with min. 6 pers
206/10/2016TC161002Eng_N1490$1620€Departure with min. 6 pers
323/04/2017TC170402EngA1490$1620€Departure with min. 6 pers
430/04/2017TC170403EngA1490$1620€Departure with min. 6 pers
521/05/2017TC170502EngA1490$1620€Departure with min. 6 pers





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You may apply for visa authorization code by our agency and collect your visa from the embassy of Iran in your country or at the airports in your arrival.

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We have started our activity in the field of reservation of hotels in Iran from Sep 2014. We have agreements with 120 hotels of 5*,4* and 3* in different cities of Iran. You have the possibility of bank transfer, online payment with credit cards.

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 From France, the preparation of an independent trip to Iran is a bit complicated: there is no impossibility of direct bookings, not to be able to use your credit cards, you will have difficulties to forecast accurately budget and more importantly to carry ...

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